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About our venture

Our venture We present you with a gloriously established venture that would transform your desires into magnificent pieces of jewelry. As our salient purpose of the venture is towards 'custom-built jewelry', we assure you that your piece of jewelry will be one of a kind, in the whole universe.

We specialize in crafting unique jewelry with the materials of Gold, Silver, White Gold, and Rose Gold, studded with enchanting collections of gemstones found and treasured exclusively in the lands of Sri Lanka. You can join hands with our spectacular team to explore your yearnings and give life to them to become an awestruck piece of jewelry.

Stones we Have

Explore our exquisite collection of gemstones, featuring White Sapphire, Blue Sapphire, and Yellow Sapphire. Discover the timeless beauty and elegance as you browse through our selection, each stone carefully curated for your jewelry needs.


White Sapphire

White Sapphire, the purest form of corundum, holds a special place among the gemstones, as it is believed to be one of the rarest.

Blue Sapphire

This is one of the significant gemstones found in Sri Lanka, holding ancient glory and eminence.

Yellow Sapphire

Yellow Sapphire, a famous fancy sapphire adds glamour to your valuable accessories.

Star Sapphires


The all-time fashion icon, especially for both men and women, illuminates a brilliant radiance.


The all-time fashion icon, especially for both men and women, illuminates a brilliant radiance.


This unravels unheard beauty and wonder by providing an incredible glow.



Undoubtedly, this is the oldest and foremost garnet known to mankind. This is common yet brilliant


This, also known as the 'cinnamon stone', illuminates a color that travels between honey's yellow and reddish brown.



A gemstone with a magical quality of changing colors, under different lighting, makes stunning pieces of jewelry.

Cat’s Eye

This is the rarest and the most attractive in the Chrysoberyl clan.



One of the highly preferred and greatly admired gemstones, that could be more precious than diamonds at its finest


As it is named after the sea watercolor, this beams a delighting blue color and is significantly valued


This is a popular and durable gemstone. The finest of rubies are considered to be the most priceless.

Products we Produce

Witness confidence and diligence, not less than a queen, with wearing the creations made with our widespread collection of exquisite materials

Engagement Rings

We have a pivotal focus on 'engagement rings' to make your lifetime token of love unique and noteworthy. Get your precious bands engraved with your heart's desires, with our remarkable support.


Invite the glory of the precious gems to let your wrists gleam your inner glow; let them shine bright like your soul.


Enhance your elegance with our added glamour and watch it dangle with grace.


Give shape to your glittering inclinations with us. Your unique visions made into sole designs.


Empower your walk with indescribable brilliance of grace and confidence.